The world is divided into people who exploit and those who get exploited; it isn’t fair, but know where you belong and accept your role in this plan

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Ihate it. I resist it. I’m the first person to cry out, with fists pounding the table, “It’s not fair!” The world is divided into people who exploit and those who get exploited, and there’s nothing you can do to remove this division.

If you find yourself in the second…

Overcome by what has been lost, we can no longer retrieve what was once cherished in its original form

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Act 1

Me: What happened? I don’t see you anymore. Where are you? All my life, you filled me with your wisdom, your vitality, your direction. I heeded your guidance, and I wish to heed it still. I need it, and you left. Where are you? I don’t know what to do…

Solo dining can feel like personal neglect unless you take steps to do it with care and attention

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For those of us who live alone, it’s easy to practice neglect at mealtimes. We prefer not to go to the trouble of setting a place for one or preparing meals with food choice variety. We prefer not to spend more than an hour cooking a meal that one person…

My freedom in making a conscious decision not to have children is weighed down by an unsettling fear underpinning my choice

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It hasn’t escaped my notice that I’ve made an inalterable life choice: the one not to have children. I nearly regretted this choice a handful of times, only to be relieved later that that regret didn’t lead me to make a baby.

I would have made a bad mother anyway.

A bit of self-empathy goes a long way in moments of darkness

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I recently published an article describing how Covid-19 saved me from family during the holidays. The article offered four reasons for appreciating the holidays with limited family and social gatherings due to the pandemic restrictions. They were inspired by my strained relations with family members and stressful memories from Christmases…

Consistency and quantity help, but other things will keep me here first

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Let me be clear: Consistency, which produces quantity, is essential for success on Medium. It can, however, be on your terms; not on those of the writers who insist on publishing daily or even two to three times per day.

For some Medium writers, my publication schedule of two to…


There are good reasons for being grateful for canceled Christmas plans

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The Christmas holidays are not a joyful occasion for everyone. Rarely is this fact respected. Mainstream culture ignores it with its incessant focus on the anticipation and excitement of the holidays, and the media denies its existence with overwhelming pictures of cheer, family, and abundance.

I belong to the joyless-Christmas…

Fabiola Gallerani, Ph.D.

I write with heart, humanity, and integrity. Fave topics: emotional journeys & landscapes, life & its sticky lessons, relationships, & travel.

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